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loop — down the hills, across the land

Cultural programme of the Municipality of Sanem in the framework of Esch 2022, European Capital of Culture

For a month between June 22nd and July 21rst, the loop — down the hills, across the land  project invited us to take a walk and discover the paths used to carry the ore from the top of these hills, through 17 artistic proposals set in a territory steeped in past and contemporary stories and where nature has regained its rights.

In total, 120 artists and more than a hundred events - exhibitions, conferences, walks, workshops, and many other unusual proposals - contributed to a real human, cultural and cosmopolitan adventure. A quarter of whose projects are being perpetuated.

European candidate applications and concept, Organisation of the restricted consultation for the Source Bel-Val pavilion competition, Management of the 17 projects, Communications cooperation, Financial reports

Plus d'infos

This project is part of the Commune of Sanem's desire to enhance the territory nestled between the industrial heritage that has shaped the south of Luxembourg and the abundant nature that spreads throughout the four towns making up the area.


/01 Human Remix | Patrick Wagener et Daniel Galbats

/02 Blow-up History |Charles Wennig et Laurent Daubach

/03 Per Grazia Ricevuta – PGR | Claudia Passeri

/04 Histoires de serres | le studio d-o-t-s

/05 Composition pour concasseur  |  Trixi Weis et Emre Sevindik
/06 Konkasser – De Wee Vum Steng | DKollektiv

/07 Pavillon Source Bel-Val | Laura Mannelli et BeBunch

/08 Weaving Futures  | Annelys de Vet et Douri asbl

/09 Tendres sauvages | La Bonneterie

/10 Le soubresaut du castor  | La Bonneterie

/11 Final Documentation | Melting Pol

/12 Towers  | Steve Gerges, Max Schmitt et Amaury de Coppin

/13 Eden Europa | Man’ok & Cie et Merci Raymond

/14 Déi rout Drëps-Wat kuks du? E roude Fuedem duerch de roude Buedem  | MASKéNADA

/15 NoiZi – The streetband Festival  | L’Harmonie de Soleuvre

/16 7 Sóis Luso Med Esch Orkestra | Sete Sóis Sete Luas

/17 Esch-Mars, de terres rouges en terres rouges | Cie Eddi van Tsui


Commune de Sanem

Esch2022 asbl


C.I.G.L. Sanem

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