Holder of a master's degree in art history and history of contemporary architecture, Founder Séverine Zimmer decided in 2015 to leave the institutional cultural sector after more than 15 years of experiences. Aware of the needs of the creative sector and eager to widen her professional field to other horizons, she created her own company. 


Based in Luxembourg, Services For Creatives is a unique company, initially focused on cultural and artistic management, foremost for artists and institutions, it has become more and more open to creative sectors and creative industries. 


Services For Creatives is offering many services such as:






Created to optimize the professionalization in the cultural sector, the company now mostly develops personalized solutions for creative and innovative actors, either independent or institutional, so that they can focus exclusively on their work or on their core-business. 


Where independents, start-ups, small and medium-size enterprises or economic interest groups cannot manage everything all the time, Services For Creatives offers them tailor-made solutions.

Content writing, public relations, press relations, coordination or organization of events, exhibitions, projects or conferences, career management, we are here to meet their needs.