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The Luxembourg Multiverse

Winner of the tender for the Luxembourgish pavilion for the World Expo Osaka 2025, this project from Steinmetzdemeyer - in collaboration with the scenography agency Jangled Nerves, Ney & Partners, Betic, +Impakt, Seco, and specialists Thibaut Latour du List, Manuel Tardits from the Japanese agency Mikan and Japanese architecture expert Benoît Jacquet - enlisted the support of Services for Creatives (Séverine Zimmer) and YOStudio (Etienne Duval) regarding their application.

Coordination and monitoring of the application content, Bilingual content editing (fr-en) for the candidacy application

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The World Expo will be held from 13 April till 13 October 2025, on the artificial island of Yumeshima in Osaka, with the theme 'Designing Future Society for Our Lives'. It will be coordinated by GIE Luxembourg@Expo2025Osaka, led by the pavilion Commissioner General André Hansen, with the support of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

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